Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Look at these 'beauties'

'The idea souvenir from Australia', apparently. Not feral-looking tissue box covers with children with big plastic lips on? Must be my eyes.

Only 15 bucks too. Montville has definitely got the tourist gift niche sorted.

How rancid are these?

In exactly 24 hours time I'll be getting on a plane and coming home, but first I need to go to bed. See you all soon!


Unknown said...

15 bucks? How much is that in real money? (i.e. shillings). I think you have been ripped off.

Dave said...

It's about £6.30. Somehow I couldn't quite bring myself to buy one, though I think it'd look perfect in your new flat tomtom. Want me to pick you one up?

Anonymous said...

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