Friday, December 08, 2006

Dave has landed

What do you do on a plane for twelve hours when you're pinned against the window by the overweight woman sat next to you? How are you gonna take your mind off the situation? Sleep? Not at 11am. Eat? No, for you are in the scummy economy and can't snap your fingers for food. Watch a movie on the entertainment system? No, as your handset controls the screen of the bloke sat two seats away, and vice-versa. Listen to some music on the entertainment system? No, as the sound for your screen is also coming out of the arm rest of the bloke sat two seats away.

Once you've explained the problem to the cabin crew, (who reckon rebooting the entertainment system for your seat three times will sort the issue), and they've told you that there aren't *any* seats on board that they can move you to, they'll recommend the ideal solution. A deck of cards and an Asian movie review magazine. Perfect. That'll keep me entertained for twelve hours. I'll just play cards with myself and read about the latest release from Binda Humgee Studios SEVENTEEN TIMES. Rurr.

Luckily I remembered I had my mac with me. It took a mixure of aerobatics, wit and cunning to extract myself from my seat, climb over two snoring fatties, and dig out my mac from the overhead locker. But I did it. And I felt like a Holywood stuntman. I realised I had to ration my usage of it so the battery would see me through this flight and the next, so I watched an episode of Heros (cheers mister Strath) and tried to get onto the free wireless network on board. Which wasn't working, obviously. It wasn't until I got over the Bay of Bengal that it started working, which was ten hours into my flight. I managed to send a couple of 'woo I've got broadband on a plane' emails before the system packed up.

At least the food was good though. Get this for a breakfast: selection of fruit, cereal, bread roll, spiced ginger pork noodles, and a cuppa. Perfect.

I've spent the past couple of days just settling in really. Took some photos with my lovely new lens - see below (you shut your face, mister Roy), and just tried to acclimatise.

Phil and Phil arrive on Monday night, so looking forward to that.

Oh yea, I've already started buying music. Just got 'Black Fingernails Red Wine' by Eskimo Joe who won the ARIA a couple of weeks ago. Is gud.

Here is a photo of the lovely George on her birthday that I found on a memory card:

And here are two shots of these tiny baby grasshopper things that I found by the pool. They are about 7mm in length.

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