Saturday, December 09, 2006

'Too messy'

The weather is still being odd.

Normally around this time of year it's impossible to move without sweating so much you leave a trail like a slug behind you. But this year things have been a little strange on the Sunshine Coast. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful weather. We've been getting a nice cooling breeze that has been taking the edge off the heat of the sun and the humidity has even been lower than 95%! It has actually been pleasant to be out in the sun (though you still can't go out barefoot unless you have a fetish for third degree burns on the soles of your feet). I'm hoping it's gonna last through to Christmas, but it's probably going to settle back to normal before long.

I spoke to my Mamie (grandmother) yesterday. She lives in NSW near Woolongong and has the luxury of central air in the house. Apparently they've had a few 42 degree days that drop suddenly to 18 degrees come 7pm. It's not been that drastic here, but the past two nights I've had to put jeans and a jumper on. I wasn't expecting that. Only packed one jumper. Bugger. Not even taken a dip in the pool yet.

Went up to Point Cartwright this afternoon after spending $113 on CDs at JBHiFi. Love that shop. Well, apart from the searches that you get subjected to when entering or leaving the store. That bit I could do without. I grabbed (purchased legally) the following:

So why the trip to PC? To play with my new telephoto and catch some 'sic' surfing shots of course. Except there wasn't any surfing to be shot. Apparently the waves were too 'messy', which is a technical term for 'they all keep getting big but then breaking early so there's lots of the white bits and not much of the green-blue wave bits'. At least that's how I understand it. There were a couple of people bodyboarding but that just wasn't cool. I fired off a few shots but wasn't happy with them. Mainly because I was shaking like a be-atch and most of them suffered motion blur. Bloody telephotos.

Tonight we decided to order fish and chips from the local take away for dinner. This ain't yer usual battered cod and chips. You choose the fish and how you want it prepared, which is pretty sweet. I had breaded Tasmanian salmon.

I'm all bunged up.

I got an email from a mate last night telling me that things have been going pretty crazy weather-wise in the UK. I didn't think much of it till I saw a MSN story about how London got blown down last week. Tom says Telehouse is still standing, though he reckons that's cos he wasn't on call, and if he was then Telehouse would've probably been blown into the English Channel and sunk.

And my phone works! So send me stuff!

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