Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wireless at 42,000 feet

Gah. Crappy Singapore video on demand service is knackered on my seat. Basically my remote changes the TV screen of the bloke two seats away, and vice-versa. Audio is also fooked.

Did I mention I'm actually on the plane at the moment? Turns out that wireless is free this month on board, and it even supports macs! So until I managed to get the wireless up and running (it took a while, believe me) I'd just been sitting in the dark whilst everyone around me is watching lovely on demand content. Rarr.

Still, only another 3 hours left on this flight, then it's on to Brisbane on a comparatively short 8 1/2 hour jaunt. Need to get there before I bore myself to death. Any why aren't any of you on messenger to entertain me, hmm?

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